Monique Daigneault is a seasoned Human Resources professional who contributes over three decades of corporate and entrepreneurial experience. As an executive coach and dynamic facilitator, Monique is known for her directive, yet collaborative, approach in her work with clients.  She has the unique ability to build immediate trust and quickly get clients into alignment with their true values and desired direction.

Monique has empowered small business owners as well as corporate leaders to reach unthinkable goals in record time.  Her clients not only benefit from increased revenue, but also from practical and behavioral changes that are sustainable and measurable. 

She is committed to working with clients who are motivated to set goals, execute them, and prepare for major transformation in their life and business.

Monique has two business degrees, a Master of Science in Industrial / Organizational Psychology, and is an Accredited Senior Coach. She is a contributing author to the Random House best seller, Ophelia’s Mom and How To Win and Keep Clients.

Monique Daigneault, MS - MD Consulting